Goa: Planned for You (Couple)


Goa: Planned for You (Couple) is a specially curated travel itinerary for couples travelling to Goa.

Simply download it as a PDF and follow along for the perfect 3 night 4 day trip to Goa.

You can access it from anywhere and also use the interactive map specially created for you.

You will never feel lost as you will know exactly where to stay, where to eat and what to do. 

Save planning time, kill research overwhelm and have the best time on your romantic vacation to Goa.


What’s included

  • A handpicked stay suggestion in budget, mid-range and luxury range 
  • A curated list of breakfast and dinner places close to your stay 
  • Day-wise recommendations of ‘things to do’ specially designed for couple travel
  • A bucket list of additional places to visit for an extended stay in Goa
  • An interactive map with all places marked for quick & easy navigation
  • Embedded links of all suggested places for quick access to more information


  • Saves you many hours of research time spent in reading articles, watching videos, calling acquaintances and agents
  • Saves lots of money spent on trip agents and travel consultants
  • Lets you benefit from our rich travel experience
  • Gives you clarity on exactly what to do on your trip without feeling consused, lost or overwhelmed
  • Equips you to make last-minute travel plans without any stress
  • Allows you to explore the essence of a place all on your own without the need to join hectic group tours
  • Helps you get the most out of your trip 
Goa: Planned for You (On screen)
Bonus Content



which includes

  • Useful information on how to get in and out of Goa
  • Details on how to travel within Goa with special app & website recommendations
  • List of public holidays in Goa
  • Consulate addresses, hospitals and emergency numbers
  • Personal insights to help you make the most of your trip to Goa
  • Personal recommendations on things to eat in Goa

plus so much more!


"Saves research and travel costs"

"Saving a lot of unnecessary research and travel costs, they have an itinerary for everyone, right from a budget traveller to an elite luxury seeker and even for those in-between.

A carefully curated recommendation package allows you to choose from a variety of options, be it sight seeing, stay or a culinary experience.

The itinerary is dependable and can make your travel comfortable, cost effective and covering a wide range of experiences.

It can serve as a digital tour-guide and that too for a very less price

With links provided for every option, this certainly is the millennial way to travel. "

Nilesh Moharir | Award winning music composer

Don't have to worry about putting in the work!

Goa is a place I have visited more than a couple of times and yet this immensely detailed itinerary surprises me with options of places to visit!

I love to plan every minute of the day during my vacation and with “Planned for you" I don’t have to worry about putting in the work !

Love how it covers both North and South Goa.

I also appreciate the Bonus content giving out all the information!

Namrata Rane | UI/UX Designer

The hotels and restaurants were amazing!

Thank you Couple of Journeys for this 'chota packet, bada dhamaka' of an itinerary.

I am person who would plan a trip that would cater to my needs budget-wise. With your plan I was able to achieve that.

I was able to enjoy my stay without the hassle of planning.

A big shout out to the list of hotels and restaurants as they were amazing. Would love to have this for all my holidays. (Hint: My next trip is to Pondicherry 😜)

Chandan Hindalekar | Head, Quality Control

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you an expert on Goa?

The two of us have travelled to Goa more times than we can even count. We have explored the state thoroughly. The places to stay have been carefully curated. The list of things to do and places to eat are all our personal favourites based on our vast experience of Goa. 

What is so unique about Planned for You?

Planned for you is a one-of-a-kind offering that simplifies travel planning, saves you time, money and cuts down overwhelm. It empowers you to explore a place on your own without feeling the need to book a group tour. 

Plus to deliver a hassle-free experience, we have designed the travel plan in a clean, easy-to-understand manner. The recommended places to stay and places to eat have all been embedded with links that will let you check out the places in advance. Moreover, we have also developed an interactive map with all the mentioned places neatly marked. You can simply access it using Google Maps while in Goa.

What's the difference between Planned for You and information available on the site? 

The information on our website does not offer specific recommendations on things to do, places to eat, places to stay that are specifically curated for your travel type. Thus, Planned for You is a highly personalised offering created exclusively to simplify trip planning.

Is Planned for You available in print?

No. But the benefit of this digital offering is that you save it on any device such as your smartphone, iPad or laptop for quick access while travelling. 

Are you affiliated with any brand mentioned in Planned for You?

No. Absolutely no product, service or place in Planned for You is recommended pursuant to an endorsement or advertising contract and are purely based on research and experience.